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Founder of Legacy School of Music! Creating Music to "Save Lives!"

Gervin "Fireman" McDaniel


Co-Founder of Legacy School of Music

Tiffany "Bliss" McDaniel


Tiffany McDaniel is an artist and producer, who also holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration. Her passion for helping build a solid foundation for Legacy School of Music attracted her to be one of the recipients of Obama's Lifetime Achievement Award. She has a big heart for the youth all around, but especially for those who are underprivileged and have trouble in school and their family environment. She believes creating music is a great way to relieve stress, connect with others, and communicate feelings.

Gervin "Fireman" McDaniel is a 12+ year veteran producer and audio engineer that has produced instrumentals for BET, VH1, and Showtime. He has worked with many well-known artist and producers in the music Industry. On April 29th, 2011 Gervin "Fireman" McDaniel fully submitted his Life unto Christ after God spoke to him giving him a choice that would change his Life forever. God has given him a vision and a plan on how to create and spread the Kingdom of God through music that will change the world through the youth from generation to generation. "WE CREATE MUSIC TO SAVE LIVES" Let us unify together to empower people to fulfill their purpose in Life in a positive way through Christ and music allowing them to believe through faith! I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. (Phil. 4:13)


LSM, INC.’s primary focus, is to combat the issues of Life Destroying Messages in Music, which are Drug Abuse, Sexual promiscuity, Gang affiliation and Uncontrolled Anger that bring about Violence, Death, and Incarceration.


Through Creative exercises we explore ways to for our Youth to overcome adversity without resorting to violence or escaping through drugs and promiscuity. Most importantly, we Pray for our Youth.  One song or video can mean Life or Death for a child.


We literally do what we do to "Save Lives". Thus, we provide the Youth an opportunity to explore their Gifts and Talents, and express themselves creatively in a Safe Family-oriented environment where they are:

Unplugged from negative environments, thoughts, feelings, and influences. Through group discussions, creative exercises, and music centric expression.

Educated on how to endure hardships, generate solutions to challenges, manage their anger, and channel unwanted thoughts and feelings.

Repositioned to live out their purpose, walk in victory, honor their parents and love their peers — change the world around them!

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