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Students Will Learn:

                                        Music Production​                                         

Create Your Own Sounds

Create Drum Patterns

Use 808's & Bass

                                       Audio Engineering​                                 

How to EQ


Using Effects 

                                          Music Business  ​                                        


Joining a PRO

Starting your own Company

Music Therapy & Awareness


The Motive Behind a Song

  • Short/Long Term Effects of a song

  • How a Song effects your Feelings & Actions

  • How a song effects the Details of your Life

  • The Main Point of the Song     (End Result: Life or Death?)

Problem Solving Skills

  • Decision-Making

  • Relationship Building/Sustaining

  • Communication/Connecting

  • Articulating Feelings/Vision

  • Integrity

  • Respect for Life

  • Drug Awareness

  • Preventing Sexual Promiscuity

  • Overcoming Gang Affiliation

Our Youth are being destroyed by mainstream Music that promotes:

  • Death 

  • Extreme Violence 

  • Drug Use & Distribution

  • Reckless Sexual Behavior

  • Gang Affiliation

This is one of the main causes of WHY we see our Youth today experiencing and acting upon the same things that they are listening to.